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In our digital world, what if Human connection was the real trend?

We long for Meaning & Human connections at work. Yet Human dynamics are not easy to deal with...

In our digital world, connecting is easier. Yet building relationships, collaborating & leading seem even more challenging...

Understanding ourselves & others is key to boost self-confidence & build better relationships at work.

I believe a meaningful work life is fueled by the quality of our relationship with
ourselves, others and our work. "

▬  The Boosters I provide  

I empower people to develop their connection to themselves & others to lead meaningful Human experiences at work.

To take a step back on
work situations


To develop human "soft" skills
(intra & interpersonal skills)

To bring a neutral 3rd party
with a fresh perspective

Ultimately for a positive impact:

✔ Develop self-confidence & meaning at work
✔ Boost well-being, decrease the stress level
✔ Work better together, facilitate collaboration
✔ Accelerate performance, save time & energy

▬  The clients I work with  

I work in collaboration with:
 Organizations (startups, small & medium sized): entrepreneurs, employees, managers & teams
— Higher education institutions
— Individuals

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  My boosting approach  

Practical & based on
concrete situations

Backed by science &
Research studies

Easy, positive &

▬  Examples of clients  

EDHEC Business School

IMT Lille Douai

Groupe Média TFO