About me


My name is Cécile Petit,
Welcome to Boost In Progress!

What drives me is to empower people to develop their human skill sets (aka "Soft Skills") and more specifically self-awareness and relational skills toward meaningful human experiences at work.

I provide coaching, training and consulting services to startups, small & medium sized organizations, entrepreneurs, and also higher education institutions and individuals.

 What matters to me  

Build trust with my clients or partners
Be aligned with my core ethical values
Keep on learning and growing
Work seriously without taking myself seriously :)

▬  My career path in a nutshell  

International experience

 Self-employed coach, trainer & consultant successively in Canada, France & Denmark
— Internal professional coach for employees, managers, C-levels in a leading IT/Cloud company in Lille (FR)
— Senior Change Management consultant in an international consulting firm in Paris (FR)
— Recruiter for a marketing agency and for a leader in the entertainment industry in Toronto (CA)

Professional development journey

— NEOMA Business school Masters' degree in Reims (FR)
 Bachelors' degree in Occupational Psychology from CNAM, Paris (FR)
— Coaching Certification ACC (Associate Certified Coach) from ICF
— Co-active Coach training program at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), Toronto (CA)

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 Why the name Boost In Progress?  

Boost to give you the energy to move forward, learn & develop your own resources.

In Progress because the process is as important as the objective and also because personal development is a life-long journey.