For Higher Education

 What are your needs?  

Work situation Preparation
Crucial conversations & Conflicts
Multicultural & Remote teamwork
Collaboration & Team dynamics

Skills development
Emotional intelligence
Relationship & Trust building
People skills & Leadership

Career Guidance
Professional goals and projects
Professional networking
Job interview Preparation

▬  Willing to implement long-term benefits?  

Develop self-confidence and ability to learn from experience

Boost well-being and decrease the stress level

Ensure a positive integration in the workplace

▬  The Boosters I provide  

Empowering students to develop self-awareness and relational skills
toward a meaningful human experience at work.


Take a 
step back on
career or work experiences

  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • Group coaching


Develop human "soft" skills
(intra & inter personal skills)

  • Workshops, seminars
  • Conferences


Bring a neutral 3rd party
with a fresh perspective

  • Education programs
  • Training practices